First Breath

First Breath

Lucile Beatrice Dianelle

Tutored by

Fátima Valldeperas, Lucía Colombo, Bernard Arce, Beatrice Fiumi, Alan Ramírez, Raquel Pallejà




Flowers by Bornay

The “first times”. All our lives we search for them, thirsty for new experiences, feelings, emotions. The first time you make a friend, the first time you enter a club, the first time you have sex, and the first time you find love, are just a few examples of the things we look forward to in our lives, and the things that mark us.
things that mark us.

But the most essential is what we do instinctively: a first step, a first smile, a first touch… these are the purest first times. Sometimes we don’t remember them, but they are the pillars of our entire future. The first breath is the very essence of life, it is the first act we do when we come into the world. These first times in the world are what unite us all.
First Breath
First Breath