Student/s: Pol Ventura
Mentored by: Saúl Baeza

The technology and physical comforts that surround us tend to weaken and limit us mentally. They alter our decision-making abilities and make us unable to manage our own discomforts. We no longer know how to do nothing, we are addicted to performance, productivity and constant stimuli. In response to this approach, four pieces have been designed that alter our behavior and enhance boredom, stop and reflection. Each of the pieces responds to a specific type of boredom and agrees with certain situations, where the duration and level of negativity are progressively greater. FightForYourMind claims the need to put up resistance, not to let go and dominate our mind in the face of continuous technological attraction. To represent the context and the alterations in the attitudes of the users, a short film that complements the whole project was recorded.