Far Away, So Close


Several students

Tutored by

Toni Montes, Roger Paez, Xevi Bayona




Elisava Masters Awards

Inspired by the transformations in interpersonal relationships brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, Far Away, So Close proposes a new relationship dynamic in the collective space that takes advantage of physical distance as a factor in activating and intensifying intimate relationships.

Students: Tiago Rosado, Dalia Al-Akki, Jana Antoun, Juan Arizti, Assil Naji, Marta Borreguero, Elena Caubet, Inés Fernandez, Tanvi Gupta, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin, Jad Karam, Selen Kurt, Alexa Nader, Joelle Nader, Mokshuda Narula, Eirini Sampani, Kuan Yi Wu, Montserrat Sevilla and Brentsen Solomon.

A series of mobile sound mirrors installed in the public space engender different modes of interaction through the logic of play: a giant game of Chinese whispers; a concert in which the music is heard on separate tracks; a personal message transmitted through a crowded square; or whispering a secret 20 meters away -intimate experiences made magical by distance.