Entre redes


Amalia Puga

Tutored by

Salvador Fàbregas




Medalla ADI Gold, Premio Nacional de Artesania

‘Entre redes’ takes place in the community of A Guarda, a Galician fishing village connected to Portugal by the border of the Miño river. This place has great cultural and historical wealth, along with a variety of agro-maritime activities that have been adapted to the social reality of each moment. Among them, the making and repair of fishing nets and gear stands out, carried out throughout history by women’s groups known as redeiras. His work, fundamental for the economy and development of A Guarda, today suffers risk of extinction due to the lack of generational replacement.

To leave a trade with a future for the new generations, the redeiras are aware that they must innovate and diversify their crafts, while always maintaining the identity and origin of their trade. This project seeks to incorporate the redeira collective in the process of creating a product, combining the individuality and value of its artisanal fishing techniques with the possibilities offered by design and innovation. ​​​​​​​’Entre redes’ aims to promote collaborative work between women, in order to revalue and give life to crafts.