El Celler de Can Roca

Student/s: Camile Biezul, Maria Caramñe, Aina Engelhard, Yaiza Ares Gervilla, Raquel Gonta, Paula Gonzalez, Martina Igore, Martin Maldonado, Julia Mercader, Elena Morillas, Marta Orta Molina, Jessica Tavares, Txaber Ruiz, Morgan Schemel, Paola Toledano
Mentored by: Mireia Cusó, Sebastià Brosa, David Ruano
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The students receive a real project from photographer David Ruano to design the space stage for three corporate photographs for Roca brothers from El Celler de Can Roca. It consists on delving into the creative universe from el Celler and proposing, building and implementing in a localization two sessions of photographs from the project “El somni de Jordi Roca”, in order to reflect the creative essence and the pinch of madness from the youngest brother of one of the best restaurants in the world.