Student/s: Frida Aguilar Estrada, Astyr Doncel Chao, Lucía Ojeda Domínguez
Mentored by: Hugo Fernández, Tona Monjo
Study: Masters Interaction and Technology Area

Ekubo Barcelona is a Japanese restaurant that aims to give the customer the best quality with local and fresh products, cause the least possible impact on the environment thanks to its philosophy of sustainable fishing and 100 % biodegradable packaging and offer customers a close experience and personalized creating a gourmet experience for the senses.

In this work all the elements that make up the experience in the restaurant have been transferred to the digital world, allowing the user to choose between: booking in the restaurant, making an order at home or a take-away on the premises.

As a novelty, it should be noted, the Ekubo Experience section where the user can choose the dishes in a different way, adapted to touch environments, or even, thanks to Gourmet Box, let yourself be advised to choose a menu to your liking through an interactive chat.

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