Student/s: Paula Gomez Moreno
Mentored by: Jessica Férnandez
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Reinventing the sector of intelligent inks, the project is contextual to the use of organic resources to create a dynamic and functional biotint. Based on a typology of bacterial microorganisms, it generates a bioluminescent ink that emits in the darkness.

The biological manifestation is projected in a bioartistic, temporary and interactive exhibition that makes tangible the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence with criticism of a dehumanized, hypertechological and consumerist society. From the creation of a smart biotint, it is intended to spread the potential of biological resources and biotechnology. From a space that examines the exploitation of non-renewable resources and technological dehumanization, it promotes an emotional impact on the society through the speculation and scientific disclosure.