Eau de Jimy

Student/s: Paz Agustina Perczyk, Adrián Martínez, José Manuel Parralejo
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Communication Area

Research showed that the perfume market needed to get reinvented; this is how the concept "Too cool for ugly" was developed. With this concept, we want to emphasize that nobody is ugly, that nobody needs a perfume with impossible aspirations, but that all of us, with our attitude and self-esteem, are already whoever we want to be. It is the perfume for the person who does not need it, it is the perfume for which he simply wants to smell good.

The concept of the fragrance juxtaposes the most mundane and the fulfilment, a refreshing drink with something as sublime as the essence of a luxury brand fragrance. The iconography is based on a bottle and a can of drink that has no aspirational value, creating the dichotomy between high quality and low image.

The packaging reveals the unexpected, a bottle of soda that reinterprets the style and pop culture in contemporary art.