Diversitat Humana, Espai i Comunicació

Student/s: Nikolai Forero

Description: «Diversidat Humana, Espai i Comunicació» is a research that is resolved as a reflection exercise. It examines the methodology of work and the values that are daily applied in the world of design and communication. Under which factors is designed, what is produced, what is its relation with the environment and how it affects the user that takes part in this large and varied society.

This project defines the concept “Universal Design” as “Human Universal Design” and it explains it as a mechanism of a methodological nature, which celebrates the human diversity through different design languages, applied through space creation, products or services thought to be used by a large number of people in order to of help, cheer, simplify and improve your quality of life. The aim of this project is to figure out if is possible to incorporate this vision of design into the rhythm of work of three main groups: designers, educators and professionals related to the area of accessibility and social inclusion.

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