Student/s: Various authors
Mentored by: Bernat Faura, Antonio Caballero
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Description: «Dino» is a product that solves the mobility problems of families during flight journeys with kids, especially while they are at the airport. It is a product suitable to be used as a suitcase and as a way of entertainment to have the kid busy and entertained during the waiting times.

Dino is a suitcase designed for kids up to age 4. It can turn itself into a seat-toy with a dinosaur shape thanks to a performance coupling pin; thus allowing the transportation of the kid in a fun way and allowing the kid play and rest while waiting at the airport. The suitcase fulfils the established dimensions for the hand luggage, so it can contain the kid’s belongings that have to be held in hand, such as clothes, toys, diapers, accessories and food.

The polypropylene is the material used in manufacturing; this assures Dino to be light, which is an important aspect in order to be able to function as a hand luggage. Besides, it allows the suitcase to be waterproof and shock resistant.

Authors: Ana Paula Arpio, Bob Didier Marie de Wilde, María Margarita Buitrago, Rubén Lamas.