Digital Guillotine

Student/s: Ruth Davalos, Joana de Arriba
Mentored by: Varvara Guljajeva, Jonathan Chacón, Raúl Goñi
Promotion: 2021
Study: Degree in Design

The "Digital Guillotine" project is a metaphor of the smartphone society, of how we live our daily lives enclosed inside our mobile phones, as if we were wearing a box on our heads that prevents us from seeing what surrounds us, disconnecting us from our own bodies and the environment. Smartphones separate our minds from our bodies. They hook us with movements that we mechanise, such as scrolling and clicking, which we do non-stop, consuming information without even realising it, which remains in our unconscious. We are constantly receiving stimuli.

The "Digital Guillotine" is a wooden box lined with mirrors that reflect the environment, leaving only the user's body in view. The user interacts through a mouse that is placed outside the box and remains hidden from the eyes, but the user can use it perfectly well due to our mental model and experience with technology.

The stimuli the user receives inside the box become more and more frequent and with less time interval as the user interacts with the mouse. It is becoming an overwhelming environment in reference to what happens to us with smartphones.