Die Antwoord. 11th WORLD TOUR 2015

Student/s: Aurora Canos, Juncal Guinea, Paulina Agurto and Ana Rangel
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Communication Area

«Die Antwoord» is a conception of the new tour of the group Die Antwoord, which is based on an analogy of the sub-culture Zef with a virus that everyone wants to catch. This virus will expand around the world like a plague, like the shows in this World Tour, through its carriers, the rats. The rat is the best symbol of what is from the streets, what is poor and of bad taste. Die Antwoord is the rat that passes on the Zef, the most powerful virus that would have come from Africa.

The new proposal of the new tour of Die Antwoord has an urban, hideous and dirty touch but funny, sxual and “bling bling”, which results in a cool and vulgar style. It is a style that arises from the social crises and thus, nowadays is more than just prevailing. The shows have a narrative main idea based on the contagion and the virus effects, which will determine the illumination, projections and touch of every part of the show. Make up and wardrobe will dress the group as the rats of this plague.