Student/s: Julia Claveria
Mentored by: Daria de Seta, Luis Eslava and Robert Thompson
Promotion: 2019
Study: Simultaneous Studies

'Barada' and 'Casilooroo' are two heating objects that culminate the 'Diaspora' project, a six-month journey delving into a reality that until now had been left out: the inexhaustible struggle of migrants in Barcelona. He proposes to democratize industrial objects to bring them closer to the people and take over to build everyday objects oneself, collaborating with the network of local artisan producers.

The production process joins the low-tech movement, the perfect union between crafts and technology. Two nomadic objects designed to bring Senegalese culture closer here and promote a purposeful design that understands that migration is not a problem, but an opportunity to add value to the new mestizo societies that are formed.