Data Artisans

Student/s: Eduardo Moreno Insua
Mentored by: Jessica Fernández, Jon Corcuera
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Product Design Area

This project revolves around the paradox of the actual value of things, and presents a co-design system that democratizes the creative process, based on the collaboration between users and designers.

The system uses AAD (Algorithmic Aided Design) and gives the user the power to decide how the object evolves visually, thus adapting to their tastes and needs. By doing so, the desire to purchase an object is not generated by others, but remains inherent to the costumer.

The result is presented as a constructive criticism of today's consumer society. We are used to having all kinds of products within our reach; however, we overlook the entailed consequences. The design process proposed by Data Artisans aims to produce objects based on a real need, whether emotional or physical.