The Cyborg Hand

Student/s: Judit Parés
Promotion: 2018
Study: Simultaneous Studies

The project, developed as a Bachelor's Thesis within the framework of the Simultaneous Studies Programme for the 2017-18 academic year, on the evolutionary future of human beings and their union with technology through wearables. Its objective is to enlarge human perception through the design of new "artificial organs". In this sense, The Cyborg Hand is a wearable created for obtaining information through sensors –INPUT– (magnetic fields and air quality, among others) and translating them into beat through a motor –OUTPUT–.

For the design of the wearable, it’s proposed a circuit attached to a customized prosthetic “glove” by  the geometry of the hand of each user getting a total adaptation to the body. The hand of the user is digitized through a 3d scanner and the computer can work with the accurate geometry using a parameterized tool thus achieving a unique and exclusive design.

The production of the prototype is realized by the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing, which enables to create the geometry in one piece and one single material, which is the TPU 92A-1, a strong highly flexible thermoplastic polyurethane derived from Shore A92. This wearable is a new reality, a futuristic scenario, which requires new disciplines in the field of design and engineering, creating the figure of organ and sense designer for the future cyborgs, promoting the industry 4.0.