Student/s: Jhonson Quintero
Mentored by: Mery Cuesta
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Communication Area

CREATŪRA. A methodology for the construction of characters

The aim of this research is to express a critical review related to the creation of characters based on the text "Storytelling", written by Guillaume Lamarre, a graduate in communication. It seeks a new perspective on what has been proposed in this section, consolidating a series of new mechanisms or tools around the process of creating a plot.

In this particular case, the aim is to prioritise the character as the main articulator of the narrative based on thematic axes involving three actors: the designer, the character and the audience. Storytelling takes on a relevance within the creative world and communication, developing different mechanisms of creation and research. For this reason, the intention is to open up the possibilities in this field; to establish a more curious and immersive attitude on the part of the character creator.