Student/s: Caterine Frade, María Fernanda Espinoa and Nada Serry
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The concept of creating a healthy work environment for RACC stemmed from their company slogan 'Life is Movement'. By deriving the idea of movement and flow, it was possible to create a space that translated this into the physical space.

Through the creation of enclosures and carefully placed openings, acting as focal points and clusters of activities, a fluidity in the internal flow and circulation was achieved. While these compounds harbour and shelter distinct functions and offer a certain privacy to the users, its visual permeability achieved through the use of spaced pallets allows and offers the space a degree of lightness and transparency, integrating the whole floor throughout.

The choice of materiality and pure colours with punctual uses of the company's colour reinforce the corporate identity while still offering a space that is warm, pleasant and sophisticated work environment for the company's many workers.

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