Student/s: Oriol Massanés Flores
Mentored by: Martin Azúa
Promotion: 2018
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Colla is a lamp that involves a deep social commitment with young people who, as my generation did, will learn to socialize in the network. This portable light is designed to be a meeting point, a link between the members of a group. Colla invites us to disconnect from the virtual and to connect with the real.

This project is based on a deep social research into addiction to social networks and the problems of derivative character formation. At the top, there is a space in which participants are invited to stack their mobile phones, when detected by a pressure sensor, the neutral light at 4000K dims to 2700K.

This temperature generates an atmosphere that promotes the integration of non-participatory members in a group and the resolution of conflicts (Kombeiz 2017). To generate an even more pleasant atmosphere, when the maximum number of mobiles is reached, the brightness of each of the 14 LEDs oscillates independently, as would a fire.

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