Student/s: Marta Galofré, Gerard Bel, Laia Moras, Damià Cusí, Marina Sevillano
Mentored by: Dra. Marta González, Dra. Blanca Guasch, Clara Guasch
Promotion: 2020
Study: Degree in Industrial Design Engineering

Students of Advanced Materials of the Degree in Engineering of Industrial Design and of the Programme of Simultaneous Studies of Elisava have worked with the company Girbau to create 'Clint', a new versatile and recyclable material manufactured from the textile waste that remain in the filters of dryers. 'Clint' is a further step towards a new model of circular economy in industrial laundry that transforms waste into new material and moves towards zero waste.

The students have worked together with professionals from Girbau Lab, Girbau’s open innovation platform -one of the leading groups in the manufacture of industrial laundry solutions in the world-.

The innovation of the proposal lies in the origin of the raw material (laundry residue) and its possible applications, which Elisava and Girbau are already studying and which can be numerous. Among other options, Clint could replace the use of plastic materials to make pen cases or be used for stationery or packaging. The reuse of this waste will minimize its environmental impact and promote a sustainable washing process.

Graphic support Elisava: Silvia Escursell
Girbau Lab Coordinators: Mariona Sanz, Roser Zapata, Berta Roca (communication)
With the collaboration of: Letter Cotton, Capellades Paper Mill Museum, RS 10, Maresme Laundry, La Calandra, La Cepa, Garraf Laundry, interhospitalaria, Clínica San Antonio.