Casa Maresía

Student/s: Ana Karina Soto, Joana Cunha, María Fernanda Ávila
Mentored by: Joaquim Matutano, Marcos Catalán
Promotion: 2019
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Casa Maresía is located in the city of Tarragona, in a privileged location right on the beachfront of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a project tailored to the client, who seeks to be in constant relationship with his immediate physical and natural environment. Respecting, conserving and highlighting both the sea and the pre-existing architecture became determining design criteria.

Our proposal is based on preserving the facade as a “shell”, thus achieving a second facade that allows a clear and transparent visual through the pre-existing perforations in the original facade that, in a certain way, frame the landscape. They are the two facades, the two types of architectural languages ​​that coexist in the same project and are harmoniously related to each other to achieve the same sensitive and visual purpose. The low heights of the furniture also play an important role in the design, since, without losing privacy, they help to maintain the constant relationship between the different areas of the same interior space, such as these with the maritime environment.