Casa Abellán


Ivana Ball, Laura Leonardo, Valeria Zamora

Tutored by

Ricardo Guasch



Topic City
Located in one of the most recognized streets of Barcelona, Paseig de Gracia and honoring its historic location, the design takes typical elements of the Eixample houses but giving it the Abellán touch, its irony. By “turning these elements upside down” we managed to surprise the tourist and make the locals feel at home. The typical gallery, the private space of the house, opens on the first floor, ready to welcome you and show you that Abellán is not hiding anything. Inside you will find a fresh and luminous patio that will make you feel like you are outdoors and you will not be able to get rid of a good Vermouth. Climbing the stairs you will know the house, where each room tells a story. You can eat in the living room, the dining room and even have a drink in the large bathroom, without losing sight of the surprise of the ceilings.