Carrousel lamp

Student/s: Sergio Cabrera, Miquel González, Hugo Moreira, León Quesney, Víctor Rodríguez
Mentored by: Xavier Riudor, Xavier Fernandez
Promotion: 2017
Study: Masters Product Design Area

The classic conception of the "museum" as a space for contemplation has evolved into an interactive space, where the visitor no longer only observes the work of art, but interacts with it, absorbing culture in a more didactic way.

The “Lamp Carrousel” project takes light as a mean of expression, being a versatile luminaire, which not only meets the technical needs of the Lighting Designers, but is integrated into the modern museum, enhancing interaction with the visitors by using the carousel-type projector technology, a mechanism that allows slides to be exchanged customizing shapes that support the understanding of the works, limit spaces or simply point out instructions.

With “Lamp Carrousel” we move away from that dull museum and its distant visitors, to take charge of a new type of museum, a living museum.