Can Guineu

Student/s: Various Authors
Mentored by: Roger Paez, Jordi Queralt, Toni Montes
Promotion: 2021
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Students: Agustina Angelini, Momen Bakry, Dasstan Bissen, Malak Ghemraoui, John Gillen, Liana Kalaitzoglou, Gal·la Knoph, Julia Llorens, Elsa Romero, Chloé Rood, Giulia Tufariello, Irini Vazanellis, Aleksandra Zaitceva.

The client, Ajuntament de Sant Sadurní d’Anoia –the local government, tasked the students with the design and installation of a versatile event space using the garden –El Pati– at the historic Can Guineu. The installation, featuring multi-purpose platforms, thoughtful landscaping and iconified by nine adjustable flags, will become a focal point for cultural events over the summer months.

The flags feature an emotive print taken from the inside patio of Can Guineu –bringing the inside out– and a mechanism which allows the change of their orientation to suit different uses of the space.

The students spent a week on-site at Can Guineu in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia building this pop-up installation to house the town’s array of summer events. The installation at Can Guineu is just a first step toward rejuvenating the historic building and hopes to leave a footprint in the memory of Sant Sadurní.