Student/s: Ximena Balaguer, Yusey Quispe
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Calata was born out of a curiosity to thread wood by hand. It seeks to recover the value of craftsmanship, working with natural materials and manual processes.

It is a coat rack made entirely of certified beech wood and finished in natural oil. It consists of three elements: base, bar and hooks. The round base is lowered at the edge to give it visual lightness and supports the main element, the threaded bar. This bar gives the product a unique identity and supports 5 hooks that rotate completely to the required position.

To make the threaded bar, the wood was anointed with linseed oil for 48 hours and then threaded with the help of a tap. The hangers went through a similar process. They were nourished and the inner part was threaded to make them fit in the bar with a male nut. It has been achieved a handmade, sustainable, simple and functional product.