Caïm i Abel

Student/s: Various authors
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Various authors: Smarlen Almonte, Nuria de Arana, Taisa Campos, Ximena Rubio, Yeohyun Kim, Ainhoa San Roman and Maria Vicent.

Creation of a set design and the construction of the Marc Artigau’s work “Caïm i Abelˮ by La Perla 29 company. First performance in June, 2016 at Catalonian National Library.

This project was to create a set design under the direction of the stage designer and codirector of the Master’s, Sebastià Brosa. After, to track the project, and show it to the director and the company, and giving a solution for the construction and tracking of the rehearsals until the day of the first performance.

The construction and tracking of the project was done with the collaboration of Josep Iglesias, ex student and tutor.