Student/s: Clara Quinquilla, Marina Forrellad
Mentored by: Xavier Tutó
Promotion: 2021
Study: Masters Product Design Area

"BuniOFF is a bunion corrector designed based on a 3D scan of the user. The rough and standardised design of bunion braces is a major problem for the use of this orthopaedic product. The aim of "BuniOFF" is to help improve this pathology by personalising the product in an ergonomic and unipersonal way without its aesthetics generating rejection.

The objective consisted of redesigning the bunion corrector, turning it into a comfortable, customised and aesthetic product by means of a 3D scan of the user's foot. For this project we have made use of additive manufacturing as it is a customised product and it would not be optimal to manufacture it in any other way because it will not be mass-produced but manufactured on demand.

We have applied generative design to transform the corrector into an aesthetic object and at the same time optimal in terms of the use of material and the distribution of internal forces of the material. Working with additive manufacturing also allows us to offer a wide range of colour and material combinations to suit each user.