Bugatti Vision Yves Klein

Student/s: Samuel Alonso
Mentored by: Josep Mª Montseny
Promotion: 2019

This project arises from the idea of developing a new, more refined and formal surface version of the "Bugatti Vision GT". A vehicle born for racing, developed entirely for the Gran Turismo gaming platform. When approaching this modelling challenge, the starting model was analysed and streamlined to make a slightly tamer racing car, without losing any of its original essence.

For this "street" model it was necessary to define a personal and unique Color & Trim. Inspiration was sought from the arts, a fundamental pillar of Bugatti's philosophy. And the chosen one was Yves Klein and his blue colour. Such a characteristic and recognisable element was the perfect leitmotif for this vehicle, the "Bugatti Vision Yves Klein".