Student/s: Several authors
Promotion: 2014
Study: Masters in Product Design

Authors: Kelly Durango, Alan Niski, Fran Neiro, Saulo Armas

Brisa is an air extraction, filtering and purification system designed as the reinvention of cooker hoods of current kitchens.

Cooker hoods have alternated their importance in kitchens with aesthetics more or less striking.

They almost respond to the same needs and give the same problems and incommodities as the first ones made. We find ourselves with a product in an established place and without an upgrade in contrast with the evolution of new trends in the kitchen. We have a niche in which we design a product focused on the near future of the kitchen world.

Brisa was though for a user that is increasingly common in big cities: independent young people and small families that live in small flats because of the price of land and the space in the center of these cities.

The kitchen is not an independent space from the rest of the house anymore. It is now a much more new open concept. It becomes the center of the house, a social space that is shared with the living room. LIVING KITCHEN.

Time is limited in the lifestyle of big cities. This is why we have designed a comfortable, practical and elegant product, which brings innovation to the traditional cooker hoods, also basing ourselves on the new role of the kitchen in homes.

Brisa has been designed thinking about the small appliance line and to be used in small kitchens.

When cooking, you only have to plug it (PLUG&PLAY) and place it near the cooking area. Brisa gathers up the steams and smokes that are thrown out from out food to filter them (activated carbon filters) in order to turn them into clean air, free of residues. When we don’t cook, we can easily clean it and keep it in a cupboard without any problem.

Furthermore, the fat and big particles go through a first saturation filter. This filter is disposable after several uses, which facilitates the cleaning and maintenance tasks of the product. The disposable saturation filter becomes a consumption product that can be independently distributed. It generates a service by the company that assures an ongoing contact with the client, at the same time that solves the cleaning problems of the cooker hoods.

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