Student/s: Several authors
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Authors: Carles Berga, Germinal Camps, David Noriega, Carlos Ruiz, Carlos Luis Villarroel

BOOKLAMP is a versatile and configurable lamp thought for architects, engineers and lighting designers, which denotes the industrial tradition of the company for which it was designed, LAMP Lighting. The light gives an emotional connection through the use of materials and straight geometries inspired in the inventiveness of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in the size and versatility of the Moleskine notebooks and the most recent technologic trends.

The result is a light thought to be placed on shelves and formed by several modules that enlighten according to the several configurations, offering several types of light: in its frontal configuration, direct light; in its rear configuration, direct light or ambient light; and in its third configuration, a more intensive light through the elevation of the central module, which is very useful to consult books.