Boobs are made for walking

Student/s: Virgínia Sancho, Elia Gualtero, Nagore Llorens and Paz Romá
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters in Communication

The main problem that the brand Playtex has nowadays is that their consumers get older and that the connection with a younger public is practically non-existent. The aim of this communication plan is to connect with the younger public, by reclaiming the comfort that every woman should feel with their bra. Until now, the target has been the mature Spanish woman between the age of 40 and 60, true to the brand since a long time ago and looks for comfort without having to lose her slim and elegant shape. Now the target public is based on Spanish women between the ages of 20 and 35 that need a bra that gives them functionality and especially comfort.

This is where this idea comes to play, the idea that with our bras, your boobs will feel so free, that they will be prepared for your every-day walking. Our inspiration has been the song These boots were made for walkin’, the very well-known theme sung by Nancy Sinatra in the 60s, and we have transformed it to These BOOBS are made for walkin’.

We will reflect the comfort through the similarity of moving objects, which reflect the every-day activity of the modern woman. We don’t need to show the product because for us comfort is a decision that every one of us makes. To the rhythm of the song These boots were made for walkin’, we will reflect, in the firsts seconds, the discomfort that the bras that are just esthetically cute produce.


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