Student/s: Oriol Carbonell Aguilera
Mentored by: Xavi Roca

Bonafide is an editorial project, a large printed book that explores and makes known non-capital cities, less known and less overcrowded, offering an alternative to the most crowded and well-known classic tourist destinations that sometimes move alone for commercial interests.

It is a new concept of tourist guide that focuses on secondary cities with a special focus on architecture and design, aimed at the designconscioustraveller, and with a unique and honest treatment, different from the rest of the guides that often show an image of the city that does not correspond with reality.

This sincere treatment affects both the design and its contents (texts, images, structure, etc.). The first volume "Aarhus" initiates a collection of guides that treat cities of these characteristics and where the design varies from one guide to the other to be faithful to what one wants to represent of each destination.