Bon profit


Clàudia Peraire

Tutored by

Mariana Eidler




El Celler de Can Roca

The Bon Profit! project aims to generate a playful tool designed to visualize, analyze, play and learn in real time about the food waste that takes place around children between 6 and 12 years old. We focus on the child as an agent that performs the function of a link between the domestic environment and the educational environment, thus introducing the tool in two contexts in which coexist adults who currently have not become aware of the problem and daily waste food during meals. It is, therefore, through the educational dynamics of the game that we involve both adults and children.

The methodology used for the design of the game Bon profit! has been called “I don’t like it!”, which is a co-creation process through which the changes observed during testing in schools have been introduced in order to develop the product.

Design, test, analyze the results and modify. Four actions to be carried out in different contexts and with different children to obtain the most suitable result for their needs and abilities.

Adopting the game as a playful-pedagogical tool, the Bon Profit! project has demonstrated that design can act hand in hand with education to generate valid proposals that generate a change in children. The project developed has responded correctly to school contexts, since it has produced a change in the behavior of children, in addition to providing new knowledge about sustainable food.