Betahaus Coworking

Student/s: Berta Folguera, Elona Pinto, Giorgia Abbondante
Mentored by: Ricardo Guasch, Pep Wennberg
Promotion: 2018
Study: Masters Space Design Area

“Betahaus” design concept is inspired by a graphic drawing that is visible in the whole structure. The walls speak for themselves with the use of a powerful language; a vintage touch animated by bricks. The whole study behind of it was to find a way in order to create a system of walls and panels that will permit to have a nice and flexible environment. Everything started with a focus on the single brick, a squared clay with holes, used not only as a constructive element but also as a functional one. This singular part of a whole permitted us to find ways to sum, subtract, add and insert it. The elements, the materials, and the textures of the pre-existing building formed the basic palette for creating a new complex that gives importance to the marks left by the passage of time. It’s not about what a brick does but what design does.