Beautiful Failures


Several students

Tutored by

Stella Rahola, Roger Paez




Mies van der Rohe Foundation

Beautiful Failures is a construction-destruction-construction story that reflects on the rich history of the Barcelona Pavilion, decoding and rethinking its architecture from its materiality and offering new readings of the nature of the pavilion. This project deconstructs the iconic building for the first time, [lifting the travertine slabs], exposing its fragility along with its various truths, repairs, corrections and constructive differences with the original.

By cataloging and installing over 2,000 pieces of defective glass collected from glassblowing workshops throughout Barcelona, we explore the transparency and reflection of glass, material capabilities that revolutionized modern architecture in the early 20th century, embodied in the Barcelona Pavilion.
Beautiful Failures
Beautiful Failures
Beautiful Failures
Beautiful Failures

Students 2019-2020: Dalia Al-Akki, Jana Antoun, Juan Arizti, Marta Borreguero, Elena Caubet, Ines Fernandez, Tanvi Gupta, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin, Jad Karam, Selen Kurt, Alexa Nader, Joelle Nader, Assil Naji, Mokshuda Narula, Tiago Rosado, Eirini Sampani, Montserrat Sevilla, Brentsen Solomon, Kuan Yi Wu.

Students 2020-2021: Agustina Angelini, Chloe Rood, Dasstan Bissen, Elsa Romero, Gala Knoph, Giulia Tufariello, Irini Vazanellis, John Gillen, Julia Llorens, Liana Kalaitzoglou, Malak Ghemraoui, Momen Nabil, Sasha Zaitceva.