Beach House

Student/s: Elona Terlica, Marine Henninot, Jessica Pinotti
Mentored by: Hartmann, Raúl Sánchez
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

The project consists in the renovation of a three storey dwelling on the first line of the beach promenade of Altafulla (Tarragona). Once demolished all the existing walls, the space has been divided in two: a slim volume on one side of the house that goes from north to south façade, from the ground to the skylight, therefore throughout the whole length and the height of the building. This intervention allows the whole building to be flooded with natural light.

The division of these two volumes has been done using a continuous wall made of frosted glass. This glass wall has become a new façade and therefore has been treated as the main façade of the building, with windows, apertures and divisions delineated with the structural frame. Another patio has been created at the entrance by removing the roof. The requested program has been distributed keeping in mind the requirements of the client end their activities: a large space for painting and a storage for nautical equipment in the ground floor, private space in the first floor and spacious dining area in the attic.

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