Barcelona, a project for the company LAMP

Student/s: Various authors
Promotion: 2015
Study: Masters Product Design Area

Description: «BARCELONA» is a unit that is characterized by being the minimal expression of a proper lightning. It allows creating efficient swinging lights that are capable to adapt themselves to any environment. Moreover, it allows creating families, from little lights that may be used in small counters or reception desks to big models hung from the hall ceiling, this way obtaining environment equalization.

Generating a product that is a referent in the market is crucial in this project. In order to do that, modularity and efficiency are keys to the development. Both properties applied to the design and to the process of manufacture, set up and storage. BARCELONA is a lot way more than a modular system; it is the essence of Catalonia’s capital implied in the design. The peculiar shape of the heat sink is a wink to the Barcelona’s skyline and to the different height of the most symbolic buildings like the Sagrada Famíla, La Pedrera, Montjuïc, etc.

Authores: Noelia Andrés, Saulo Armas, Marina Moreno and Alan Niski

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