Barça Store


Andrea DiZio, Belén García, Victoria Macoc, Paula Viciano

Tutored by

David Pablo Garcia, Ruth Martin



Topic Social
The students of the Master’s Degree in Retail Design, within the framework of Elisava’s Retail Lab, have worked on the design and assembly of the Flagship Store of Fútbol Club Barcelona in La Rambla.

The project, inspired by the circulatory system and centered around two hearts, one blue and the other red in allusion to the colors of the Club, conceives the new commercial space under the premise that visitors are passionate about the space and that their heartbeats are an important part of the experience.

In this way, the installation tries to provoke the visitor emotionally, trying to create an intimate bond that runs through the veins of Barça, represented by an artistic and luminous montage made with flexible neon tubes. With this conceptual approach we try to stimulate the public’s imagination by inviting them to explore and interact with the space.