Ariadna Sala

Tutored by

Danae Esparza




Arts Thread, Medalla ADI, Isola Design Awards, Distributed Design

“Balisa” is a therapeutic tool that accompanies and supports the healing process of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A series of pieces are provided to facilitate communication between psychologist and survivor through the representation in volume of the emotions experienced during the healing process. Each emotion is linked to a piece, these are stacked together and they form a totem that the person takes home in order to follow their emotional management autonomously and to delimit a safety zone in their home.

Unlike other problems treated in psychological therapy, there is currently no tool to help manage the trauma caused by child sexual abuse. For this reason, during the research and experimentation process, survivors and psychologists specialised in the subject have collaborated in the design of this tool.

This project raises a reflection on the role of design in providing resources for the improvement of this problem and, at the same time, contributes to the visibility and communication of this taboo subject for society, necessary actions for its eradication.