Student/s: Elisabeth Pujol
Mentored by: Ángel Valiente
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Design

'Aru' is a lamp that is born from the effect of refraction, uniting science with the art of design. The different indexes of refraction of the materials make the light, when it hits them, change direction and produce the effect of a ring of light on the surface of the water. This is the first of a collection of lamps that stand out for the characteristics of the material used, giving added value to the treatment of the material. It consists of three materials: glass, water and ceramic.

The glass provides transparency to the product and the container for the water. Water is the protagonist, it reflects the light that reaches it and creates light surfaces. Finally, the ceramic base allows to support the weight of the glass with the water inside. Both Ferran Collado (glazier) and Anás Rifi-Zinati (ceramist) have been very important in the design of the product.

'Aru' proposes a reflection based on the observation of the small effects that are present but unknown. Science presents them but treats them so coldly that they lose the aesthetic essence of their principle. This piece of lighting aims to be one of those cozy spaces that create a small, relaxed and subdued atmosphere. 'Aru' is a table light, although its dimensions are designed to facilitate the user interaction experience.

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