Art tèxtil

Student/s: Various authors
Mentored by: Stella Rahola and Roger Páez
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters Space Design Area

«Art tèxtil» is an exhibition made by the students of the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces of ELISAVA, under the coordination of Stella Rahola and Roger Paez, wich proposes the construction of a collective coat with the will of being a space to be experimented. The project recreates an original gesture of the architecture, the coat as a shelter, based on the concept exposed by Gottfried Semper, one of the most significant German architects of the mid 19th century.

An exhibition that allows the visitors to immerse themselves in a new architectural field that forms a thermal golden and silver blanket of great dimensions that covers all the space and is hung up from the ceiling of Palau Cervelló. An experience that alters the physical structure of the space, giving it life and sense.