Student/s: Various Authors
Mentored by: Toni Montes, Roger Páez, Maria de la Cámara, Gabriel Paré
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

Students: Alexa Nader, Assil Naji, Berta Abad, Beth Pujol, Brentsen Solomon, Cristina Martí, Dalia Al-Akki, Eirini Sampani, Elena Caubet, Jad Karam, Jana Antoun, Joelle Nader, Juan Arizti, Judith Solé, Kuan Yi Wu, Liam Kelly, Inés Fernández, Marta Borreguero, Miquel Perez, Mokshuda Narula, Montserrat Sevilla, Rubén García, Rubén Montero, Selen Kurt, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tanvi Gupta, Tiago Rosado, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin.

Ànima” is an immersive installation of more than 3,000 fiber optic threads to reflect on the data universe at the Llum BCN 2020 festival. This immersive space makes visible one of the fundamental materials of the knowledge society: fiber optics. The installation will have a second life after the festival thanks to the Tot Raval Foundation, which will donate some of the material used.

In a world of constant competition, the more information is collected about people, the more power is obtained about them. As fast as light, our data circulates around the world, ceases to be our property, and becomes part of an archived data system. The lights with which we can interact with the Soul become symbols of collective information that remind us that we belong to a system in which, like the lamps of thousands of optical fibers, we are all equal and indistinct, linked to a digital soul.