Student/s: Several authors
Promotion: 2016
Study: Masters in Product Design

Authors: Adrián Reigada, Alex Ribera, Anna Cánovas, Carmen Lliso, Pol Alberich

ÀNEC is a kit that allows the transformation of a conventional stroller like the Loop into a bike trailer in a fast and easy way. With this new article, parents can carry their kids in a comfortable and easy way while they cycle.

The kit re-uses a big part of Loop and turns it into a completely new product, but maintaining the main goal of Casualplay’s products: carry the kids.

The project answers the proposal of the company Casualplay to make the design of a kit capable of transforming its Loop stroller and prolong its useful life. The kit must have few new pieces and must use the most of Loop’s elements, preferably, this way it can reduce its ecological footprint.

The useful life of the strollers is between 2 to 3 years, a too-short period of time for a product that requires a high investment. Moreover, it is a product with a lot of pieces and thus it is difficult to recycle.

The function of the new product is open, but the future user must be the kids, preferably, since they are the main consumers of Casualplay.

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