Student/s: María Carrión
Mentored by: Oscar Tomico, Saúl Baeza
Promotion: 2019
Study: Simultaneous Studies

'Ammartaggio' is a modular and personalized shoe. Throughout the project, a new idea has been built around current footwear, understanding it as a set of moving parts, which can be interchangeable to adjust them to the user's daily preferences. In the presented collection, the shoe consists of four separate parts which the user assembles from home, being able to obtain a total of 9 different versions. Additive manufacturing has been used for the sole, allowing the surface that is in contact with the foot to adapt to the geometry of the sole of the foot.

Starting with modularity, 'Ammartaggio' respects the life cycle of each part, allowing to renew each part separately when necessary, instead of having to change the entire pair of shoes.