Several students

Tutored by

Sálva Fàbregas, Xavier Riudor, Mario García, Emili Taixés




Hospital Clínic


Circulathon by Sabic

Topic Care
Amaia is a hospital-grade electric breast pump designed to put an end to the negative experience of having to use a current breast pump, making breastfeeding comfortable and painless. A flexible thermoplastic elastomer called SEBS, which is softer than the PP currently used, has been used for the funnel, and a pressure mechanism that mimics the baby’s natural movement complements the usual vacuum suction mechanism.

The residual air expelled by this suction mechanism is used to fill a toroid located around the funnel. When filled, this toroid presses on the upper and lower areas of the breast shield, just as babies do. In this way, the suction power can be reduced to avoid the pain associated with too strong a vacuum effect, while still expressing milk correctly and improving the overall user experience.

Students: Jorge González, Elena González, Javier Martínez, Tania Bonilla, Carlos Casal, Maitena Pemán