Student/s: Iria Fernández
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Product Design Area

In nature everything changes and nothing remains the same, yet in the pursuit of static and permanent pigments we have created ever-lasting colors that are disconnected from their surroundings, remaining passive and inert.

ALTER is an ongoing investigation into the materiality of color and its impact on the environment, questioning how color is understood by society and our expectations from it. By using new renewable resources such as bacteria, algae and other living organisms, the project creates awareness around color sustainability by building a new scenario where we design both from and with biology. Color can behave as a biomarker when reacting to the environment, acting as an information carrier. Color can evolve and change, disappear and disintegrate. Through these dynamic behaviors, one could say that color itself is alive.

Using the sun as a design partner, we explore an alternative scenario in which we let color interact, and change with, both its surrounding environment and time. A scenario where we accept that all exists in a state of impermanence and that variation can be at the same time beautiful and beneficial to the environment. There are many possible futures, but all sustainable ones start from observing nature, reflecting on our behavior and accepting change as a positive quality.