Student/s: Cecilia Vargas, Ximena Aguirre, Nacho Carretero
Mentored by: Ricardo Guasch, Octavio Maestre, Pep Wennberg
Promotion: 2020
Study: Masters Space Design Area

"ABIBA - Wellness Agency of Barcelona" was born from our strategic concept: "Cultivating wellness", a constant, holistic and sustainable vision of common wellbeing and it is structured around 6 design principles: Wellbeing "By Design", People First, Tangible Balance, Structural Universality, From Barcelona to Barcelona and Health 360º. This organizes everything, from the name to the branding, the chosen colours (terracotta and olive green) and the base materials (natural, with lots of wood and greenery).

We structure all the floors around a central core with a skylight and surrounded by vegetation, which invites you to use the staircase full of light and nature throughout the building. We choose cosy, resistant and sustainable furniture, as well as indirect and natural lighting whenever possible. We seek that the building itself generates well-being in its users and invites them to cultivate it in a holistic way.