A Peu de Carrer


Eloi Sànchez

Tutored by

Roger Paez




Fundació Joan Miró


ei! Award

This project explores and engages with the community life of the Poble-sec neighbourhood, to reach a conclusion that can be applied to all urban environments: contemporary cities are increasingly polarising public environments with respect to domestic ones, establishing a clear boundary that distances us from participation with our immediate surroundings. However, neighbours are actively collaborating in the creation of common spaces, which act as a doorway to appropriation.

Through exploration, the project puts into practice a matrix that combines typology and scale within a specific urban episode. Nine open categories —cleaning, lending, playing, a plaque, a tablet, a swing, a swimming pool, a door and a watchtower— propose different languages and formats of intervention and appropriation and intervene in order to identify a reality, to mediate between several realities or to generate a new one. Various temporalities, methodologies and results allow us to discuss and confront each other, bringing the public and the domestic space closer and celebrating the common one.