5 Tools for Digital Detox

Student/s: Ferran Bretcha
Mentored by: Mariana Eidler
Promotion: 2019
Study: Degree in Design

'5 Tools for Digital Detox' is located within a possible future scenario, and it starts from the premise that technology and humans have established a relationship of dependency that has altered our behavior, the functioning of the brain and the relationship with the environment and reality. It seeks to reflect on the only addiction that has been socially accepted by society, digital.

In response to this approach, five objects and phases have been designed that alter common behaviors with the sole purpose of promoting and promoting digital detoxification. The phases will be carried out within specific situations, and the difficulty and level of detoxification will grow exponentially. Each of the phases responds to a specific type of detoxification and each of the objects creates a new scenario that sets out our relationship with technology.

The aim is to work directly with design as a catalyst for thought, create a series of objects and phases that invite reflection, reconsideration and, ultimately, build a digitally responsible society through critical and conceptual design.