Projects from degree students ‘Tres erres’ and ‘Dear Tears’, winners of gaudemusProjecta awards

The sixth edition of the gaudeamusProjecta Awards, that the Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya presents every year, has awarded two projects from Elisava’s degree students.


Natura Award

Tres Erres, by Mar Vallory Perraut
Tutor: Mariana Eidler

The author herself explains the project: “We live in a world where constant waste is present. That is why I propose a collection of 98 plant-based ecologic colorant samples made from the excess and the rests from markets. I have used different methodologies connected to the gastronomy world such as cooking workshops or surveys to experts to provide tools to systematize the product.” The project aims to raise awareness on the excessive generation of waste and to make a shift towards sustainability.

Amongst the 7 projects that received a second prize there is another Elisava project:


Secondary award

Dear Tears: Crying as an act of resistance, by Helena Elizondo Nieva
Tutor: Francesc Ribot Puntí

Crying is a uniquely human behavior that has always been a mystery. Not only is there no clear theory as to why humans weep, but also society has declared crying a shameful conduct, causing people, especially men, to suppress it.

On the other hand, seemingly unrelated, embroidery is an artistic technique that has historically been deemed inferior to its counterparts. Practiced mostly by women, it has always remained out of the public realm, instead sequestering it to the domestic sphere.

This project aims to use design as a tool to research these topics, and arrive to a materialization of a complex concept while also giving value to an almost lost craft. It combines design and to create a graphic piece that can lead to reflection while also being able to stimulate emotion.