Presentation of projects in collaboration with USM in the framework of the Barcelona Design Week

On last Monday, October 23rd, the presentation of projects of some Elisava students from the Degree in Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering in collaboration with the brand USM Modular Furniture was celebrated. The event took place in the Mies van der Rohe Pavillion and counted with six projects:


‘Out of the box!’, by Alexandre Cervantes

Out of the box! is a chair that searches to break with the conventional forms of the currrent USM units, based on boxes. This new product explores alternatives which demonstrate the system’s versability thanks to the implementation of materials and innovative forms.

In this sense, the handles, designed originally for mobile trolleys, here are used as chair legs, creating an illusion of continuous tubes and highlighting the distinctive characteristics from the unions shaped as a ball of the modular system. This way, Out of the box! does not only open the doors to a new sector of the market, the seats, but also exposes the innumerable options that the USM system brings.


‘Seating system’, by Julen Beloki

Proposition for the iconic USM system, that pretends to face future challenges in either public spaces or private ones. The solution consists of four upholstered units, four accessories and the union that makes easier system’s functionality.

The units include seat, puff, back and armrest, and are optimized to configurate themselves in different designs. Regarding the complements, different types of trays and desks have been proposed, which broaden the use possibilities of this seat solution for homes and work spaces.


‘USM Playground’, by Jordi Esteruelas

How can we generate a different and enriching experience for children with the USM Haller system? This project considers a proposal exclusively directed to the young public to unlock a new variety of interactions between the user and the system.

The objective is to generate a playing and learning experience by using the USM Haller system as a tool, either in the shape of a toy, structure or experience. This way the brand has approached the young public from a new perspective to find new ways of playing, learning and interacting. This project can be applied in both domestic spaces and classrooms, opening a new niche in the market to the company.


‘The new focus’, by Roberto Oliveros

Proposal of an illumination accessory which transforms the lightning projection in USN furniture, implementing a new geometry to its components. By doing so, geometries in which the form follows the function are proposed, with simple lines, easily comprehensible, scalable and adaptable to the modular system.

The conical forms allow a light projection focused in a determined point, being the importance of the light focus the one that defines the geometry of the proposal. More spherical and cylindrical shapes are considered as a way of emitting environmental light through an illuminated area, instead of an only focal point.


‘Flexfit system’, by Carles Cendra

The modular furniture is practice and versatile, and they are adaptable to different types of homes. They are fundamental to distribute the space in an adequate way and allow to modify the structures thanks to their modular quality.

This project looks for a highlight of the importance of using this furniture to benefit the population, promoting an active life and reducing the sedentariness. This way a piece of multifunctional furniture to do exercise in reduced spaces is proposed. Thanks to this piece of furniture series to train shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and back, amongst others, can be carried out.


‘New uses for the USM system’, by Clàudia Ros

Throughout history, different cultures and societies have created rituals around meals that show the value of sharing food. Still nowadays, meals are understood as an opportunity to disconnect from the hurried routine, to interact with friends and family: the kitchen becomes the heart of the house.

The result of this reflection leads to this design of modular kitchen accessories proposal, that can be added to the existent Haller system, removing it from the office’s original context and widening it to a new environment.

Projects photos: Marçal Vaquer.